Improve your Aiming Skills with these Fortnite Creative Maps

Did your character die yet again in your Fortnite match because of a lousy shot? Wish to hone your aiming skills without too much of a hassle? Then the best way for you to attain the desired aiming skillset is through the creative maps. If you wish to have a robust aiming skill set, you need to perfect your basics.

Looking at the skills of Fortnite’s world champion, one feels compelled to increase their abilities to at least try and match up to the boy’s level. You can do precisely this through Fortnite’s creative maps that are designed to test your aiming skills in all kinds of environments. They help you make your skills better by challenging the different aspects involved while aiming. These maps are very creative and demanding.

Before looking at the numerous creative maps, let us first look at the process of opening a creative map for practicing. If you wish to open a creative map, follow the steps written below:

  1. Open the game. You are given three options: Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative.
  2. Select “Creative”. Click on “Play” and “Launch”.
  3. Once the page has loaded, locate the Rift labeled as “Featured”.
Creatie map to practice aim
  1. Press and hold the use key close to it.
  2. Enter the creative code of the map you would like to play.
Island Codes
  1. Select the Island. Run into the Rift.
  2. Play!

Most of the creative maps request you to click “Start Game” before it actually begins. Otherwise, you can run into the launch pad to start your timer.

Keep your eyes peeled as we have a look at the top creative maps of Fortnite designed to improve your aiming skills.

Static Course (Creative Code: 3037-6598-3645)

Static course

An excellent way to begin your uphill climb towards success is through a static course. This is the most simple yet often overlooked creative map. You get to test a wide range of weapons and in different kind of situations too. As the name of the course suggests, the targets are static. This should help you get your basics right. Only when you are adept at shooting a static target, you can move on to shooting a moving target.

Contrary to popular belief, standing in one place and getting your perfect shot is not the way to go about this creative map. Try to challenge yourself and extend your limits by moving around while shooting targets. Improve your aims by imagining various scenarios likely in a Fortnite match. Doing such things will help increase the precision and accuracy of your aims in the game. You’ll also get the hang of it sooner.

For the Tile Frenzy fans (Creative Code: 1624-1148-8943)

For the tile freenzy fans

For the people who are avid gamers of Tile Frenzy and Kovaak’s Aim Trainer, then this map is your cup of tea. It includes some significant sections for tracking and sniping. You can develop your skills in being the silent predator, tracking and sniping your target through your scope.

It also includes long-distance shots that are sure to help you get your physics right in your shot.

Selage’s Aim Facility (Creative Code:1444-8820-3941)

selage aim facility

This creative map is advantageous as it features different sections in a single map. So, you can practice all kinds of weapons in different settings without having to leave this map and enter another. As the name suggests, this map has been created by Selage, a Fortnite gamer.

Hanamura Aim Training Island (Creative Code: 2746-3682-6541)

Hanamura aim training island

This creative map has unlimited spots for practicing your aim while keeping it fresh in its design. It contains different situations at a variety of locations that allows the user to gain more experience in terms of the best response in such a case.

Geerzy’s Combat Training Course (Creative Code: 2889-5729-6480)


Providing a new experience in this creative map, cutouts are present that are mobile and allow you to practice your skill at shooting a moving target. This creative map is suitable for aiming and practicing between static and moving targets.

Training with a Shotgun (Creative Code: 5531-1890-2291)

Training With  shotgun

If you love the bang-bang of a shotgun, then this creative map is ideal for you. It contains a lot of sections to hone your skills as a wielder of the shotgun. Shotguns are great for close range encounters. Make the most of this course and master the shotgun.

Shride’s Aim Training Map (Creative Code: 6252-3544-9063)

Shride aim training

This is a dream come true for many people who are always on the lookout for something more in an aim training map. This creative map is designed in such a way that you can adjust the games according to your needs and requirements. You can also challenge your friends while practicing your aims. This makes for a revolutionary new creative map in aiming practice.

Aim Courses (Creative Code: 6311-1794-9504)


This creative map is also designed by Selage. It contains three different courses to help you develop your aiming skills in three different scenarios. This applies to those who are looking for something unique and unexpected.

The Ultimate Practice Mode: Battle Royale

Once you have mastered the different maps as per your choice, you can enter the regular Battle Royale. Nothing beats practicing against live players so this is a necessity if you wish to perfect your skills to the maximum. You can try smaller Battle Royales or Deathmatches if you are not interested in entering the full-blown Battle Royale match.

Now that we have discussed the top creative maps for practicing your aim in Fortnite, it is time you give your preferred maps a try. Or even all, it’s your choice! These maps are challenging in their forte and will help you develop your skillset. Practice makes perfect so keep on practicing. Who knows, you might be the next World Champion of Fortnite!

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