27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor – Clear Comparison Demonstrated

When choosing a monitor, the sizing matters greatly depending on your buying purpose. You will get different sizes, but 27-inch and 32-inch monitors are the most popular preferences.

The main difference between 27 inches vs a 32-inch monitor is obviously in the sizing. If you are a regular user or student, 27 inches is a good pick for you. Otherwise, for work and gaming- a 32-inch monitor will be perfect. Even being on a low budget, you can get the monitor under $150.

There is more information to know about these two options that will help you choose the one. Therefore, we will share everything in detail today. Let’s begin with it!

27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor – Know Before Buying

As we said above, the main difference between these two monitors lies in their sizes. 27 inches monitors are smaller than the 32 inches ones.

Therefore, you can vote for a 27-inch monitor if you have a lower budget. The cost will also increase as you go for bigger sizes, like a 32-inch monitor.

On the other hand, both offer the same functionality if we look at usability. However, the size may matter if you are a programmer or gamer. In that case, you might need to get a 32-inch monitor instead of the smaller one.

If you are a student who has a tight budget, and if the screen size is not a big deal to you, the 27-inch monitor will be perfect for you in every case. But for multitasking and opening multiple tabs in one window- a 32-inch monitor will offer more flexibility.

Another big issue that we often ignore is eye issues. Staring at monitors for an extended period can cause many problems in your eyes, especially if the monitor is small in size. So, in that case, a 32-inch monitor will be perfect for relieving eye issues.

27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor Size Comparison:

As the main difference between these two monitors is size, we have prepared a size comparison for your convenience. Have a look:

Feature In CM27-Inch Monitor32-Inch Monitor
Height13.24 Inches15.69 Inches
Width23.53 Inches27.89 Inches
Area   311.50 Inches²437.55 Inches²
As A 16:9 Display27.00 Inches32.00 Inches  
As A 2.35:1 Display25.57 Inches30.31 Inches
As A 4:3 Display        22.06 Inches26.15 Inches

27 Vs 32 Monitor For Work:

For moderate PC work, a 27-inch monitor will go a long way. Also, if you are running low on budget, spending extra money on a slightly bigger screen won’t be that fruitful. In those cases, for work, a 27-inch monitor will be perfect.

However, if your work mainly depends on a PC, you should get a larger monitor. In that case, getting a 32-inch monitor is a must for you as it offers the highest resolution. Alongside, the wide monitor will reduce eye fatigue while working. At the same time, you can multitask using the monitor.

27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor For Gaming:

For gaming monitors, we always suggest that the bigger the monitor is, the more enjoyable the pc gaming experience will be. Therefore, you should pick a 32-inch computer monitor for the best gaming experience for professional gamers. But if you are a casual gamer, a 27-inch monitor will do the work for you.

27 Vs 32 Monitor For Programming And Coding:

For programming and coding, it’s better to pick more giant screens. So we suggest using a 32-inch monitor if you don’t have multiple monitors or a dual monitor setup. If you are looking for an extra monitor, then a 27 inches screen will be fine for the addition to your multiple monitors. It will be cost-friendly as well.

Aspects On Which Monitor Size Relies:

You may be confused about how the differences between a 27-inch and 32-inch monitor are defined. In this case, there are two conditions to look for:

  1. Bezel Size: the bezel size is the outer area of your screen space that covers the monitor. You cannot include the bezel size while determining the monitor size. So whether it is 27-inch or 32-inch, you have to consider the space requirement keeping the bezel area in mind.
  2. Aspect Ratio: aspect ratio determines the width and height of a monitor. Therefore, in both 27 and 31-inch monitors, the standard aspect ratio is 16:9.

More To Know About The Monitors:

Should I Use 27 Or 32-Inch Monitor?

It depends on your requirements. If you want a screen for regular usage and studying, a 27-inch monitor will be fine for you. Also, when you are searching for a cost-friendly option, this is suitable to use. On the other hand, for heavy usage and gamers, programmers, and coders- a 32-inch monitor is a wiser option.

Is A 27 Or 32 Monitor Better For Gaming?

Small monitors do not provide a good gaming experience. So a 32-inch monitor will be more fruitful for your gaming purposes as a larger monitor can focus on a wide area.

Are 32 Inches Too Big For A Monitor?

For regular usage, it will be too big and unnecessary. But for professional gamers and programmers, a big monitor is a plus point. So, in that case, 32 inches will bring perfection.

Is 4k Better On 27-Inch Or 32-Inch?

4k is better on 32 inches, but it also depends on the setup and positioning of your desktop. The answer may vary depending on the setup. In some cases, a 4k monitor can be excellent on a 27-inch screen.

The Concluding Part

By now, you know all about the 27 inches vs 32-inch monitor. Both of these are very popular, but you can choose any one of these depending on your preferences.

However, before choosing the monitor, make sure that your desktop setup has adequate space for setting up the monitor.

Otherwise, getting a bigger screen will be useless if you don’t have the space to fit it in. Also, ensure the bezel size as the monitor sizing doesn’t include the measurement of extra space required for the corners.

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