Can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

Beyond just picture filters and hashtags, Instagram offers a ton of interesting features. You can see who visits your Instagram profile, though.

Perusing Instagram may serve as a valuable source of inspiration. Thanks to friends, relatives, and influencers with captivating photographs, you may get inspiration for anything from wardrobe choices to remarks for selfies. (You’re losing out if you’re asking, “What is Instagram?”!) Your photos may even serve as an inspiration to others, or they may serve as a means for long-time friends to stay updated on your activities. Can you tell who visits your Instagram page, though, and whether they do so out of curiosity or admiration?

Does Instagram Have Profile Views?

Can you, then, see who visits your Instagram account? The quick response is no. Users of Instagram are unable to see who has viewed their profile. It is therefore impossible for someone to tell who is viewing their photos if you browse through their profile without liking or commenting on any of their posts.

According to Reggie Azevedo Filho, who works for the social media management platform Traject Social, “users are unable to see who has viewed their profiles regardless of the type of profile they own personal, business, or creator,” much like Facebook. This applies to both account-holders and non-holders who use the internet to view Instagram in public.

According to Alex Heid, chief research and development officer at SecurityScorecard, Instagram Business accounts will disclose visitor volume statistics but not particular profile information.

According to an Instagram official, business accounts particularly display the number of people who have visited your profile in the last seven days or the number of people who have seen your posts in their feed.

can you see who views your instagram

This figure encompasses all users you may have blocked on Instagram.

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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Stories?

It is true that you can see who has viewed your Instagram stories. You’ll be more successful in determining who is seeing your material if you share more Instagram stories than posts. After a story goes live, those who have viewed it are added to a “viewers list” that is visible to the original poster for a full day.

According to Azevedo, “This provides you with insights into the specific audience members who have viewed your photo, video, or story post during the same time your post is active.” The list vanishes after a day, but you can still check how many people (and who) watched your articles if you preserve them.

To view this content, you need to be signed in. Additionally, you may always switch on Instagram silent mode to post in peace if you have a large following and find that you are receiving too many alerts from uploading stories, including likes and comments.

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Can You See Who Viewed Your Instagram Video?

The guidelines for posting videos to your Instagram story are the same as those for posting photos: After the article becomes online, the list of viewers is visible for a full day. With videos that are included in regular posts or shared as Instagram reels, things are a little different.

You can check the number of people who have seen your video on an Instagram post. Regardless of how many times they have seen it, each individual counts as one view. You can only see the total number of watchers; you cannot identify who exactly viewed it or did not.

The information is the same on Instagram reels. You still can’t know exactly who has viewed your reel because it measures plays rather than viewers.

Is it possible to view who is viewing my Instagram profile with a third-party app? (Tips for Checking Who Sees Your Profile)

Since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, there have been some privacy settings overlap. Therefore, much like Facebook, you cannot discover who views your Instagram profile using third-party applications, nor can you determine whether someone has taken a screenshot of your Instagram story.

“Anything promoting a feature that displays who has viewed your profile would not be a genuine service and ought to be shunned since it is probably just an application that gathers user data,” advises Heid. It doesn’t seem like Instagram will ever decide to let users know who is seeing their profile. Next, find out how to determine whether you’ve been blocked on Instagram.

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