Battlefield 2042 aka Battlefield 6 leaks suggest that it will blow our minds

We’re edging ever closer to the reveal of Battlefield 6, which is now all but confirmed to be a futuristic shooter called Battlefield 2042.

The new installment from DICE and EA might just be the leakiest game of 2021 so far, thanks to a prominent leaker and industry insider who’s been delivering regular updates on the anticipated release… much to EA’s delight, I’m sure. Now, that same leaker has a pretty confident prediction about the new game he’d like to share with us all.

Leaker and industry insider Tom Henderson has proven time and again that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Battlefield 2042. He was the first to report on the game’s futuristic setting, extreme weather systems, and even the contents of the reveal trailer. None of this has been officially announced at the time of writing, but much of it has been confirmed via leaked screenshots and clips.

Now, Henderson has taken to Twitter to claim he believes Battlefield 2042 will “totally dominate”, encouraging skeptics to save the tweet and come back to it in 12 months. Henderson previously predicted 2021 will see a major shift from Call Of Duty to Battlefield, so this isn’t the first time he’s expressed his high hopes for DICE’s new shooter.

Battlefield 6 leaks to blow your mind
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The Battlefield 6/Battlefield 2042 reveal is expected later this month, although, with the number of leaks over the last few weeks, I’m not sure there’s anyone left who’ll be particularly surprised to finally see the shooter in action. Still, it’ll be exciting to get our first official look at the game at long last, and get us all nice and hyped for its release later this year.

In addition to Battlefield 6 being called Battlefield 2042, more details have emerged on what to expect from EA’s worst-kept shooter. If a post on Reddit is to be believed the Battlefield 2042 private testing session date for content creators is June 15. An open alpha/beta date is expected in June. Battlefield 2042 is so-called as it takes place 20 years after Battlefield 4. Crossplay appears to be delayed due to the PS4 and Xbox One being unable to “handle it”.

Along with this, Battlefield 2042 sports an attachment system it would seem, allowing you to swap grips and sights on the fly. Furthermore, there’s mechanic from another Dice-developed game, Star Wars Battlefront 2 that makes an appearance. Battlefield 2042’s ‘Professionals’ mechanic borrows from that game’s Squad and Heroes. This ensures you can have a specialist per class in your squad. The post describes them as “not over-powered” but having “a gadget or two” that would make them “unique”. For example the medic can heal from range using a dart. Squads have the ability to spawn vehicles like jeeps and ATVs.

Also, maps in Battlefield 2042 appear to be the largest in the series’ history and include controllable territories known as sectors with points assigned to parts of them. Capturing a sector gives your team ownership of it and it can’t be won back. A sector is reportedly the size of a medium-sized Battlefield 3 map. One such map is apparently called ‘Shelf’ and takes place in Antarctica, it’s described as a large cliff akin to Damavand Peak from Battlefield 3. If you manage to claim a sector, you earn what’s being called as “down-time to do whatever you want for awhile in-game”.

As for Dice’s design goals for Battlefield 2042, it appears to be focused on squads and execution over a lone wolf playstyle with 64v64 matches, evolution, and updated traversal mechanics including wingsuits, grapplehooks, and ziplines.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to know how accurate this info dump is. The Battlefield 2042 Reveal date is June 9

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