Apex legends to get a new arena map next week

Apex Legends’ Genesis throwback is coming to a close. But Respawn’s battle royale is barely taking a second to catch its breath before kicking off a fresh three-week-long Thrillseeker’s event, bringing with it a brand new bespoke map for the game’s 3v3 Arenas mode.
Kicking off immediately after Genesis closes on July 13, thrillseekers introduce Overflow to the Arenas map pool. While the mode has consistently added new stages over the season, they’ve so far been lifted straight out of the game’s existing maps. Overflow, like Phase Runner and Party Crasher before it, has been built from the ground up for Arenas.
Set atop a long, dam-like industrial structure, Respawn reckons Overflow’s short sightlines will make it harder to immediately discern where the other team has rolled out and favored short-to-medium range engagements. The map’s also packed with molten lava flows to keep you hot on your toes.

The new map for APEX LEGENDS
Image credit: pcgamer.com

Thrillseekers also adds a hefty sum of new limited cosmetics, going for sale in the store or available to unlock via weekly reward tracks. Despite Octane getting the headline spot in the trailer, he’s been outshone by Rampart’s industrial Mad Max look. Mirage looks somewhat terrifying as a sad clown, while Revenant seems to have replaced his face-plate with Star Wars’ General Grievous.
Sadly, July 13 also sees us say goodbye to the legacy versions of World’s Edge and King’s Canyon, which means bidding farewell to the incredible train journeys of old World’s Edge. Thrillseekers runs July 13 through August 3, at which point we’ll hopefully have a better picture of what awaits us in Apex Legends Season 10.

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