3 Ways to Increase the FPS and Optimize Your Computer

Are you a hard-core gamer who hates experiencing video lags while playing your video games? If you are not happy with the graphics and want to improve the overall gaming experience, read this article till the end.

The poor quality of your game might arise due to the low frames per second, so make sure you have a good FPS when you are playing a heavy-load game.

Multiple factors lead to a lower FPS rate, and there’s a lot you can do to improve your gaming experience. In this article, we will discuss FPS and the ways to increase it, plus how you can optimize your computer for gaming.

What Is Frame Rate?

Let’s understand the frame rate with the help of a flipbook. A flipbook has many pages, and all the pages correspond to a single picture. So, if we move the flipbook at high speed, it will give us an illusion that the picture is moving. The same thing happens in the case of video making as well as gaming.

There are multiple frames that are made for the whole scenario of a game, and it depends upon the CPU, GPU, and graphic card of your computer how fast they are able to process these frames.

Frames are measured per second, so the greater number of frames are there per second, the more easily and smoothly the images will flow; otherwise, the frames will be lagged, and video quality will become poor.

Most movies are presented at 24 frames per second, while for gaming, at least 30 FPS are required. And then there are gamers that demand FPS, not below 60. 

How to Increase Your FPS

increase FPS

Increasing the FPS of your computer improves not only your gaming experience but also enhances the overall computer performance. A number of solutions can help you to increase the FPS without installing any additional hardware. Some of these are:

Try the Windows Game Mode

One of the easiest methods of increasing the FPS of your computer is by switching the gaming mode on. To enable the game mode, go to the Settings and then select the Gaming section. 

Navigate to the Game Mode from the sidebar, and then toggle Game Mode to On. Now, whenever you launch any gaming app on your Windows computer, it will automatically recognize it. It will optimize your system to give you the best gaming experience.

Free Up Storage

Have you noticed that the speed of your computer or laptop has slowed down since the day you purchased it? Computers work fine when they are new, but with time, they start to slow down, affecting your tasks. (pawsitivelyintrepid.com)

Even if you have plenty of space on your hard drive, you experience performance lags and consistent slowdowns. It happens due to the junk files, unused folders, caches, duplicate files, redundant apps, and all the unnecessary files that are consuming system resources.

The easiest way to clear all the clutter from the computer is by installing Windows or mac cleaning software that not only removes unnecessary files but also erases any leftovers.

The more optimized your computer will be, the better it can perform while playing any game.

Overclock Your Computer

overlock your computer

Overclocking your CPU is the next solution by which you can increase the FPS. The CPU and GPU work on a base clock and the clock rate of the processors can be changed as per the requirement of the user.

However, not all processors can be overclocked, so it’s better to check whether your computer has this feature or not before trying to overclock it. The base clock is the measure of your system’s speed, and by overclocking it, you can increase the FPS and the gaming experience of your PC.

For overclocking a computer, you need to access BIOS or UEFI. There are several manufacturers that have developed programs to overclock the processors, for example, Intel’s Windows-based Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU).

Also, keep in mind that overclocking will lead to an increase in the power consumption and heat generation of your computer because it forces the CPU and GPU of your computer to work on the increased number of frames at the same amount of time.


The FPS rate plays a vital role in improving your gaming experience. Either you can buy the latest screen to optimize gaming or follow the tactics mentioned in this article for getting the best gaming resolution on the average screen.

Moreover, a lagging computer can degrade your gaming as well, so make sure to clean your system regularly to make a difference. Apart from that, you can also use cloud drives to optimize storage and gaming as well.

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