10 Ways The Slice of Life Mod Fixes The Game

Kawaii Stacie’s Slice of Life Sims 4 mod includes increased gigantic prominence inside the Sims people group for the manner in which it carries little contacts to your game that have an enormous effect on ordinary gameplay. The way into its prosperity is in these subtleties, with Stacie continually attempting to keep the mod refreshed and significant, while likewise including the much-mentioned new features. After some time it’s gotten a staple mod for some players, who feel it genuinely improves their essential gameplay. 

So for what reason is this mod so famous? What does it “fix” in the game? Here we investigate the various features of the Slice of Life mod and what everyone does to upgrade the standard gameplay of The Sims 4. On the off chance that you need to download Slice of Life, or investigate her different manifestations, at that point head over to Kawaii Stacie’s site. 

So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at the article:

1. It Includes A Better Sickness System

sims 4 better sickness system: Thegamedial

The base game framework for sims turning out to be sick leaves a great deal to be wanted. The illnesses they get are irregular and most are totally ridiculous, such as being shrouded in tiger stripes. Slice of Life changes this by presenting strong, practical and top to bottom ailment related gameplay. 

Your sims will have the option to get colds and influenza, which can be spread to other family individuals. They can likewise get stomach bugs, migraines, and contaminations. Seeing a specialist will help fix them and an immunization framework helps prevent them from getting debilitated as frequently. 

2. It Offers Realistic Appearance Changes

Sims 4 realistic appearance: Thegamedial

While sims do respond to various feelings and circumstances this is simply done through outward appearances and buffs, which can feel flat. Slice of Life adds sensible changes to appearances, contingent upon sims feelings. 

Your sims can have weepy eyes when pitiful, flushed cheeks when humiliated or coquettish, wounds after a fight or cuts and wounds when harmed. These minuscule contacts help cause sims feelings and responses to feel all the more genuine. 

3. It Has A More Vibrant Personality System

Sims 4 Vibrant personality system: Thegamedial

Rather than the dull and monotonous inclination qualities in the game right now, your sims can have a particular character type, in view of the 16 characters of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. 

The characteristics will influence various parts of your Sim’s lives, incorporating how they progress in their vocation, their mingling inclinations, how rapidly they acquire cash, and what they do self-sufficiently. It’s definitely more top to bottom and practical than picking 3 qualities and gives sims a more extensive scope of characters and responses. 

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4. It Brings More Emotions To Your Sims

Emotion to your sims: Thegamedial

The feelings in The Sims 4 are a decent beginning yet they do feel like only a beginning, as proven by Slice of Life’s 13 additional temperaments. A significant number of these are just adding subtleties to the current feelings yet their incorporation helps the game feel more fleshed out. 

Feelings are unpredictable things and the more we can understanding, the better regarding authenticity. Including such emotions as courageous, inventive, pushed, siphoned and in the zone, encourages us to feel like our sims can communicate better. 

5. It Adds A Basic Menstrual Cycle

Bsic Menstural Cycle: Thegamedial

While nobody is an aficionado of the menstrual cycle, it is an unavoidable truth and its incorporation in this mod includes one more hint of authenticity. A sim will have a period for 2 sim days in each 12, to mirror a cycle that generally reflects reality. 

While it isn’t as itemized as certain mods with this usefulness, it includes a tremendous portion of reality to your game. Know anyway that it additionally accompanies some bother, much the same as, in actuality. 

6. Your Sims Can Become Drunk

Sims 4  sims can become drunk: Thegamedial

We as a whole realize the Sims group isn’t tricking anybody with their “juice” yet modders don’t have to stress over the adolescent rating, and accordingly, your juice presently makes your sims respond how you’d anticipate.

There are various sorts of alcohol and you can likewise experience the ill effects of thumping back the beverages. In any case, it’s greatly improved and more lifelike than hitting the juice and seeing it do nothing by any stretch of the imagination. 

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7. You Can Have A Better Phone

sims can have phone: Thegamedial

With Slice of Life, your telephone turns out to be more adaptable, working more like the web-based media mod and offering new alternatives and games to play. More games and different changes to the telephone will likewise be coming in the following update. 

Having a telephone that features additional cooperations, applications and choices causes it to feel more like the cell phone you’d heft around yourself. 

8. Show signs of improvement NPC Invites

Sims show signs of improvement NPC invites: Thegamedial

In case you’re tired of the normal, worn-out welcomes from NPCs, particularly when they come on odd occasions, at that point Slice of Life is here to help. The NPC welcomes have been patched up and refreshed to mix it up. 

You would now be able to get a welcome to prom, or a call from an irregular number. NPCs, companions, and family will likewise more sensibly get the telephone and call you, helping your sim feel cherished. 

9. It Gives Players A Memory System

sims gives players a memory system: Thegamedial

Sims would now be able to review recollections with the memory framework. While some may blur after some time new ones will keep on being created, including some decent wistful buffs to your gameplay. 

Sims will recollect large occasions specifically, for example, relationships, separations, passings, and separations. They will likewise recollect first kisses and having kids. All these and more consolidate to shape a more inside and out approach to review your sims lives. 

10. Minuscule Details

Sims Minuscule Details: Thegamedial

The Slice of Life mod additionally includes numerous extra little subtleties. For example, kid sims can lose teeth and show a hole for a brief timeframe, and teenagers can get pimples and skin break out. A decent skincare routine can help discard this, which includes another portion of the real world. 

There are likewise various different buffs and advantages, similar to an infant fever buff. You can likewise effectively eliminate any element of the broad mod that sometimes falls short for your gameplay, making it both inside and out and totally adaptable.


We hope now you understand that the slice of life mod for sims 4 actually does make the game more interactive and interesting to play. The above-mentioned features of this mod are missing from the game. But it is something that players have long urged to be included in the game. So, until these features are actually added in the game, you can enjoy them with this amazing mod.

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