Elden Ring Confessor Build: Spells, Weapons, and Gear

Elden Ring Confessor Build: Spells, Weapons, and Gear

In Elden Ring, the Confessor class is one of the starting possibilities. The class, as in previous FromSoftware games, will provide players an advantage in the early stages of the game but will become less important as the game progresses. Regardless of rank, the Confessor provides a solid blend of melee combat and divine spells. In Elden Ring, a character’s initial class has no bearing on what they can become.

Elden Ring Great Runes: Where to Find the Great Runes and How to Activate Them

Elden ring Great Rune

You might be wondering what to do with an Elden Ring Great Rune you found in the Lands Between. Great Runes, along with Remembrances, are dropped by the main bosses, and they can help your tarnished if you follow the instructions to activate them. Once a great rune has been triggered, you can equip it with an Elden Ring Rune Arc to gain its passive bonus effects. However, because you

Elden Ring: How to Complete Blaidd’s Quest Guide

Elden Ring: How to complete Blaidd's quest guide

The Elden Ring Blaidd questline is one of the game’s larger adventures, featuring Ranni and Blaidd the Half-Wolf relationships that become clearer as you progress through his terrible backstory. Blaidd is one of Elden Ring’s most well-known characters, and his quest will take you all over the Lands Between. However, identifying Blaidd’s whereabouts can be tricky at times, especially if you begin his quest later. But don’t worry: we’ll show

Elden Ring: Smithing Stones Complete Guide in 2022

Elden Ring: Smithing Stones complete guide in 2022

The Elden Ring Smithing Stones can be found throughout the Lands Between and can be used to improve your weapons and craft at anvils or blacksmiths. Increasing the power of your weapons to +1 and beyond is an extremely important move in Elden Ring, as it allows you to boost both your gear and yourself. However, you’ll need a lot of them for upgrades, and each one has a different

Elden Ring: How to Get to the Church of Inhibition in 2022

How To Get To The Church Of Inhibition in 2022

Elden Ring contains a large terrain with several opponents, bosses, and POIs. The majority of POIs are locations or NPCs that will give you a resource, armour, or weapon. Many churches, like the Church of Elleh, will present you with excellent items. For example, the Church of Inhibition It’s a ruined church that’s encircled by the Madness effect. However, the place does offer some useful loot, such as the Eye

How to Get to Palace Approach Ledge-Road: Elden ring

elden ring palace approch ledge road

Players who get to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace in Elden Ring will quickly realize it’s one of the best Rune farming spots in the game. Finding this location is somewhat difficult, as it’s tucked away in a secret area. However, those that find this secret in a secret will soon find themselves generating more Runes than they can spend. How To Get To Palace Approach Ledge-Road In

Elden Ring: How to level up Spirit Ashes Summons

How-to-level-up-Spirit-Ashes-Summons- step-by-step-guide

It is possible to fight with Spirit Ashes that can help the player. As the player progresses through the game, they will be able to collect Spirit Ashes, which allow them to summon the spirits of dead warriors and creatures, who will help the player in battle when they call on their spirits. This page has a list of all the spirits that appear in Elden Ring. It’s not just