25 Fortnite Dance Moves with their Origin

fortnite dance moves

Zany Zany dance is itself funny and perfect to swing out as you down an enemy, the music and the dance moves are in cool sync. This dance move first originated from the official music video for El Chombo’s 1998 song, “dame tu cosita” and this emote was added to the Fortnite dance moves list in Season 4. Intensity Intensity a high energy dance in Fortnite is copied from a

Fortnite Battle Royale Weapons List

Fortnite Battle Royale Weapons List Assault Rifle (Burst Rare) Assault Rifle (Burst) Assault Rifle (M4) Assault Rifle (Scar) Assault Rifle (Scoped) Heavy Assault Rifle Minigun Suppressed Assault Rifle Thermal Scope Assault Rifle Heavy Shotgun Pump Shotgun Tactical Shotgun Dual Pistol Hand Cannon Pistol Scoped Revolver Six Shooter Suppressed Pistol Compact Gun Submachine Gun Bolt-Action Snipper Rifle FIELD HUNTER CROSS BOW Grappler Heavy Sniper Hunting Rifle Suppressed Sniper Rifle Grenade Launcher

40+ Best Fortnite Skins that makes you gameplay fascinating

TomatoHead Outfit – Style Crown by Fortnite Skins on Sketchfab TomatoHead Still in Rotation: Yes Price: 1500 V-Bucks Rarity: Epic(Purple) This Tomato head skin is based on the famous Tomato Town Mascot. This skin does not have any special features, the only thing it does is to change the appearance of the player. The skin contains a green suit with an orange vest costume with the tomato mask. This skin also contains pizza