Konami could reveal Silent Hill 2 release date at Tokyo Game Show

It’s been so long since we last heard about Silent Hill 2 that it risks falling out of the radar completely. Snapshot Despite some skepticism over Bloober Team’s ability to deliver a successful remake, fans were excited when they hinted the game was nearing completion. While Silent Hill 2’s release date remains unknown, rumors suggest that details might be unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show. The Tokyo Game Show 2023

Former BioWare GM says Dragon Age and Mass Effect became “too homogenous” and should’ve preserved their unique identities.

Snapshot Aaryn Flynn, former BioWare General Manager, suggests that BioWare’s iconic franchises, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, became too similar, losing their unique identities. BioWare’s exclusive focus on Andromeda proved detrimental; should have allocated resources more evenly between Inquisition and Andromeda, with the latter prioritizing multiplayer. Fans are eagerly anticipating further updates on the upcoming Dragon Age title. The company BioWare, known for creating the massively popular Dragon Age and

EA Sports unveils the first gameplay trailer for UFC 5

UFC 5 is headed to consoles and PC next month. Snapshot EA Sports offers a sneak peek of the upcoming UFC 5 with the release of a gameplay trailer. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has become one of the most well-liked sports in the globe in recent years. As a result, it has its own video game series under EA Sports, much like other well-known sports like football and basketball.

Here’s how long it will take you to beat Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Snapshot Ryan Smith from Insomniac Games revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s playtime will be comparable to the first installment, which was approximately 17 hours for the main campaign and around 34 hours for those exploring side quests. Insomniac Games aims to offer a compact, memorable experience rather than an elongated game. The gaming community is divided on the preference for game lengths. Some appreciate extensive narratives, while others prefer shorter,

Rust creator reveals plans for a sequel, says it won’t be a Unity game

Rust’s creator dropped a not so subtle hint that a sequel is in the works. Snapshot Garry Newman, the creator of Rust, criticizes Unity’s new policy of charging developers per game install. Newman’s main concern is not the fee itself but the way Unity implemented the policy without prior consultation. He hints at a Rust sequel in development and vows it won’t be built on the Unity game engine. Unity

Blizzard to host multiple live streams for Diablo 4 Season 2

Maybe it’s true what the fans are saying that Blizzard should reconsider bringing in a new director for Diablo 4. The general public’s perception of Diablo 4 has quickly soured. Since the game’s June release, Blizzard Entertainment has faced numerous severe setbacks. While a lot of people were excited about the new challenges that the most recent installment of the well-known action role-playing game series offered, Season of the Malignant,

Zombie mode may be part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beta

The inclusion of Zombies in the beta period will be a first for the franchise. Snapshot Call of Duty fans may get a sneak peek at the highly anticipated Zombie mode in Modern Warfare 3 through an upcoming beta, according to a reliable leaker. The teaser tweet from insider HeyImAlaix hints at a Zombie mode beta, leading fans to speculate that it might arrive in October, perfectly timed for Halloween.

Insomniac Games is redirecting its focus to Marvel’s Wolverine

It’ll be interesting to see how Insomniac Games will make Marvel’s Wolverine feel different from the Marvel’s Spider-Man games. It appears that the wicked never sleep. While some developers, like Larian Studios, are excited to take a much-needed vacation after Baldur’s Gate 3 launches on the Xbox platform later this year, Insomniac Games will continue to be extremely busy even after the October 20 release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. With

Helldivers 2 release has been pushed back to next year

Helldivers 2 will now release next February instead of later this year. Snapshot Sony and Arrowhead Game Studios have delayed the release of Helldivers 2 to February 8, 2024, from its originally planned end-of-year release. Sony showed us a new gameplay trailer of Helldivers 2 during its State of Play event. Helldivers 2 offers online cooperative multiplayer, deep progression systems, and pre-order bonuses. Helldivers is a shooting video game that